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The Freshman Survey

The CIRP Freshman Survey provides information about students entering college that helps you with enrollment planning, retention efforts and a baseline for understanding college effectiveness.

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Why Are They Leaving? Understanding Retention with CIRP Data

We’ve been thinking quite a bit about retention at the Higher Education Research Institute this summer. We have the Retention and Persistence Institute just two weeks away (July 29-30), and we unveiled a couple of new tools in beta stage at the Association for Institutional Research (AIR) annual forum in Orlando earlier this summer. Additionally, ... Read More »

HERI Poll of the Month

You may have noticed a new feature that we added to the web site this week: the HERI Poll of the Month. We will change the question each month and post a short blog about the previous month’s results. This is one way we hope not only to connect with our CIRP representatives, affiliated scholars, ... Read More »

CIRP Surveys and Accreditation: WSCUC (formerly WASC) Guide Updated for 2014

Accreditation remains a driving force behind survey use on college campuses. Because CIRP surveys are comprehensive and designed to be longitudinal, they cover a wide variety of outcomes related to student growth and development. CIRP survey data can be used throughout the accreditation process—to engage in institutional self-study, to inform a visit by evaluators, and ... Read More »

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Results from the July Poll of the Month: Mode of Survey Administration

In HERI’s first-ever Poll of the Month in July, we asked folks about their preferred method of survey administration. We provided three options: paper only, web only, or a combination of both web and paper. In total, we had 59 respondents to our little poll, and the distribution of responses was as follows: 15% reported ... Read More »

The American Freshman: National Norms for Fall 2013

The American Freshman - Norms of 2013

Financial considerations are exerting an ever-greater influence on incoming freshman in the U.S., with college costs and financial aid playing an increasingly decisive role in their school-selection process, according to the CIRP Freshman Survey, UCLA's annual survey of the nation's entering students at four-year colleges and universities

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Our infographic posters for the CIRP Freshman Survey and the HERI Faculty Survey are available for download. Click below to download.

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  • FAC Infographic

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Freshmen Trends

The American Freshman - Trends

The Chronicle of Higher Education used nearly five decades of CIRP Freshman Survey data to create interactive graphics that show freshmen trends.

See the Chronicle's "Backgrounds and Beliefs of College Freshmen" to use these interactive graphics.