The articles have started to come in on the CIRP Freshman Survey results, and as usual everyone takes a slightly different look. Here are a few of the stories.

The New York Times story led with connection between finances and college admissions, and pointing out the gap between those who are accepted at their first-choice college and the lower percentage who actually decide to attend that school.

The Los Angeles Times focused on the finances also, but led with the finding that the most prevalent reason to want to go to college among incoming students is in order to get a good job.

USA Today led with our observation that students entering college this year have a more academically-oriented focus that those in previous years. UPDATE: USA Today ran another story today about changing political views

The Chronicle of Higher Education went with what I thought would be the lead for most of the stories, which is that we are seeing a decidedly liberal trend in political and social beliefs of the incoming class this year, especially in support for same-sex marriage and legalized abortion. They also created some nifty charts.

Inside Higher Ed also led with the political and social views aspect, then getting into finances and the more academically-oriented student later in the article.

As always we are glad to see that the report is getting a lot of interest!