We’ve been thinking a lot about the YFCY lately, and how we can help schools best communicate their results. Because the first year of college is such a big deal as it relates to retention, campus climate and overall students’ sense of belonging on campus, we decided to give the YFCY a little extra TLC this month by launching the YFCY customizable infographic, our first-ever customizable tool.

It allows institutions to enter their results next to the national results and compare the two. We hope to do this for future infographics as well, but we chose to start with the YFCY as we think it’s a perfect vehicle to demonstrate the many ways we are trying to make the findings easier to discuss on campus.

We’re also trying to get the word out about another great tool for YFCY users—a custom PowerPoint report that we create specific to an institution’s results. We know it can be challenging, even overwhelming, to receive so much data and then figure out how to make sense of it. That’s why we developed this tool–to help institutions clearly and easily communicate their YFCY results with others on campus and start a dialogue about how to use their results to improve first-year programming for students.

It’s available as a single-group report that displays data for your institution or comparison group or as a double-group report that compares data from two groups.

National data is certainly helpful in providing a comprehensive portrait of first-year students, and that can be accessed free of cost here (under PowerPoint Executive Summary Report). But for institutions that want to take a closer look at their individual results and how they compare on a peer or national level, these individualized tools can be very helpful and can be ordered here.

We are always looking for ways to customize the survey experience for users as we recognize that no two schools are the same. We hope tools like these help fulfill this goal. We’d love your feedback and suggestions.