Since 1966, the CIRP Freshman Survey has provided insights into the characteristics,
demographics, attitudes, values, abilities, and experiences of the incoming cohort of college
students. We are excited to continue this tradition and would like to share some important
information about the 2014 administration.

First, registration is now open for the CIRP Freshman Survey. Campuses can begin
administering the survey as early as Monday, March 24, 2014, and the survey will remain open
through October 13, 2014.

We will continue to offer both the online and paper-based versions of the CIRP Freshman
Survey so that you can choose the platform that fits best with your institution’s administration.
For those administering the paper survey, the fold-out contains the lists of majors and careers.
Please remember that the fold-out must be removed before returning to DRC for processing.

The 2014 instrument remains quite consistent with previous years, providing you with the
opportunity to compare data over time. Cycling back onto the survey this year are items
related to the number of years student studied certain subjects in high school and students’
identification of any disabilities or medical conditions. The 2014 instrument also restores a set of
political views related to same-sex marriage, military spending, and the death penalty, among others.
To see the survey and all its administrative documents, including the handful of changes to questions
and response items, please click here.

We heard from a number of you that our offering PowerPoint presentations of TFS data
helped synthesize your institutional data while providing flexibility to customize slides.
We will be delivering these presentations once again, and would welcome your feedback
on improving them to meet your needs.

The Freshman Survey is an important benchmarking tool at both the national and institutional
level. In addition, participating institutions can utilize follow-up surveys like the Your First
College Year Survey (YFCY), the Diverse Learning Environments survey, and the College Senior
Survey (CSS) to chart how your students progress and change over time.

Of course, our survey data reflect the hard work you and your colleagues do at institutions
around the country. We thank you for reaching students to administer the survey. If you are
looking for ideas to improve your institution’s response rate, please click here.

We look forward to partnering with you in completing this very important work. Please feel free
to reach out to us at HERI@UCLA.EDU or at 310-825-7079 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you!