SAT Critical Reading + Mathematics (range 400-1600)
ACT Composite (range 11-36)

High School Grade

8 = A/A+
7 = A-
6 = B+
5 = B
4 = B-
3 = C+
2 = C
1 = D

HERI Expected Graduation Rate Calculator

A more extensive calculator, using data from the CIRP Freshman Survey, can provide an institution with a more precise expected graduation rates. We made this calculator available to colleges and universities that participated in the CIRP Freshman Survey in 2004 and 2010. It will become part of CIRP standard reporting starting in 2011. All other institutions can download a sample version of the expanded calculator here. The sample version is solely intended to demonstrate the added value of the calculator, and should not be relied upon for the calculation of expected graduation rates.

The methodology used to create both calculators is detailed in the HERI monograph Completing College: Assessing Graduation Rates at Four-Year Institutions.