Consortium Report and Data File
HERI welcomes consortia participation in our surveys. A consortia that coordinates its member participation has the advantage of creating a distinct peer group who may choose to answer up to 20 common-questions specific to that consortium. At the end of the survey, a consortium may order a Consortium Report and Data File. Data files are released to the consortium with prior written permission from each member institution.

Report only: Free prior to registration, $125 thereafter
Report and Data file: $300 plus $25 per institution

Please contact HERI at (310) 825-1925 to set up a consortia.

Data Merge
The Data Merge service allows participating institutions to merge their data files (transcript records, registrar records, results form locally administered surveys, etc.) with the student's response to a CIRP survey without compromising respondents' wishes for anonymity. Institutions would provide CIRP with their data file that contains the student's identifying information (name, identification number, date of birth, email, and/or gender) and any other data they wish to include in the merged file. CIRP would merge the institution's information with the survey data based on student's identifying information. Before returning the merged file to the institution, CIRP will delete the above identifying information.

Cost: $250 per survey/year, $25 per additional year
Please contact HERI at (310) 825-1925 for more information.

Special Reports
HERI can produce Special Reports based on virtually any variable or combination of items found in the CIRP surveys. For instance, reports can be created to compare survey responses by the type of high school a student attended, by their graduation major, or by political view. Special Reports may be ordered by participating institutions and non-participating institutions.

Cost: $100 per hour

Please contact HERI at (310) 825-1925 for more information.

Personal Consultation
CIRP Directors are available to provide direct assistance to those interested in making the most of their CIRP reports. CIRP Directors can help identify institutional strengths and weaknesses, develop improvement initiatives to address accreditation and other campus goals, and assist with the presentation of information on campus at faculty and staff workshops and retreats.

Cost: $100 per hour (two hour minimum) for an administrator

Cost: $150 per hour (two hour minimum) for a researcher

Please contact HERI at (310) 825-1925 for more information.