The Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) welcomes consortia participation in our surveys. Participants may build a consortium using any of our surveys:

CIRP Freshman Survey (TFS)
Your First College Year Survey (YFCY)
Diverse Learning Environments Survey (DLE)
College Senior Survey (CSS)
HERI Faculty Survey (FAC)
Staff Climate Survey (SCS)


A consortium that coordinates its member participation has the advantage of creating a distinct peer group. In addition to the standard reports, a consortium receives the consortium report and data file ($300 value) at no extra cost.
All institutions in the consortium will also qualify for a discount on all fees:

10% off all fees if a minimum of 10 institutions
15% off all fees if a minimum of 20 institutions

A consortium may also elect to add common questions at a discounted rate. Please contact HERI for more information.


All participating institutions will receive a consortium report and data file in addition to the standard reporting suite. The data file is used for data sharing and contains the individual responses in member institutions’ raw data file. We ask that your consortium’s primary contact* be responsible for obtaining prior written permission from each institution to release their data. The data file will be released solely to the primary contact. Data sharing is optional; your consortium can choose to not participate.
The consortium report is a custom peer report specially designed for each member institution. It compares the institution with the consortium group (comparison group 1) and typically all baccalaureate institutions (comparison group 2).


Groups must have 10 or more institutions to qualify as a consortium and submit the application form.

*We ask that your consortium assign a primary contact person who will act as a liaison between HERI and the member institutions during the survey administration.

Important Forms and Documentation:
Consortium Application
Consortium Flyer

Please contact HERI at (310) 825-1925 or to register as a consortium.