All Surveys: An Overview of HERI’s Stratification Cells and Comparison Groups

The Freshman Survey: How HERI Determines First-Time Full-Time Students

The Freshman Survey: Survey Reliability and Validity

COVID-19 Pandemic Related Questions on HERI Surveys

The following excel document is a matrix that shows which COVID-19 Pandemic Related questions are included on each of our surveys.

COVID-19-Master_list_of_QuestionsExcel placeholder

Participation History and Trends Files

SurveyParticipation HistoryTrends File
The Freshman Surveypdf       excel
pdf       excel
Your First College Year Surveypdf       excel
pdf       excel
Diverse Learning Environments Surveypdf       excel
pdf       excel
College Senior Surveypdf       excel
pdf       excel
Staff Climate Survey       pdfpdf       excel
HERI Faculty Survey       pdfpdf       excel

Questionnaires and Codebooks

SurveyQuestionnaire Codebook
The Freshman Survey (2020)pdfpdf
Your First College Year Survey (2021)pdfpdf
Diverse Learning Environments Survey (2021)pdfpdf
College Senior Survey (2021)pdfpdf
Staff Climate Survey (2021)pdfpdf
HERI Faculty Survey (2019)pdfpdf

Past Questionnaires and Codebooks by Survey

The Freshman Survey (1965 – 2020)
Your First College Year Survey (2000 – 2020)
Diverse Learning Environments Survey (2011 – 2020)
College Senior Survey (1993 – 2020)
Staff Climate Survey (2017 – 2020)
HERI Faculty Survey (1989 – 2016)