Welcome to the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI). HERI is now under the leadership of UCLA’s Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing (CRESST). This new partnership will lead to standardization of testing strategies, implementation of new assessments, and innovation in evaluation methods. We are excited about the collaboration and believe it will facilitate greater impact of HERI’s work.

Staff working on HERI include Li Cai, Kilchan Choi, Alan Koenig, Ellen Stolzenberg, and Aubrey Hicks. For more information about HERI and its mission, please visit www.heri.ucla.edu. For more information on CRESST at UCLA, please visit www.cresst.org. For additional information on HERI and for specific inquiries, please send an email to heri@ucla.edu or call 310-825-1925.